I woke up this morning (!) thinking that I had missed hearing the alarm. The clock said something after 5. I hadn’t set that one back yet so it was actually after 4. I’d gotten up and turned up the heat so I left it and went back to bed. When it was time to get up, I got up.

Since I was minus an hour this morning, I didn’t try to do any exercising.

I had a peach and a banana/blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

As is my custom, I swung by Mother’s grave on the way out. When I was leaving, I surprised a deer at the edge of the wooded area. It started walking away, quickly, and was followed by another and then a third. Mother would have loved it!

When I got to where my class was to be, I drove all around one of the employee parking lots and didn’t find a vacancy. I had to park ‘way up on a hill so I didn’t go completely without exercise.

The instructor had stressed that everyone was to be on time and I was. I got a seat beside one of the first people from that facility that I’d met years ago. We got caught up between times.

The class didn’t go too well. The system is notorious for locking up and it did its thing today. We took a break so I went out and walked around the building to where I could get some sun. I ate five medjools.

It was half an hour from break to lunch so we went to a little greasy spoon and met a couple of the others that I’m associated with and had lunch. They had lifeless, colorless food while I ate three bananas and some wet pack dates.

We went to a book sale after that and I was able to resist buying anything.

Then it was back to class where we found that we couldn’t get back in the system at all. The instructor was understandably frustrated but she was gracious at the same time. She taught us what she could without our being able to work with it and let us go. I was back at the car and on my way out shortly.

I made a couple of stops after that, one being the Fresh Market. When I came out, I saw a woman who used to work at the nursing home which is connected to the hospital where I work. We hugged and she was blown away by how I look. She said she had never seen me look so good and wanted to know what I was doing. I told her and she seemed interested so I gave her my e-mail address and Roger’s web site address. I haven’t heard from her and I may not but she knows what the secret is now. At least partially.

It was out to the university to put in an order at the book store. Then I headed north to Wal*Mart. I got home reasonably early. I fixed a bowl of tomatoes and cut some corn off the cob for corn chowder. After I ate the tomatoes, I had the chowder and then a huge salad of lettuces, tomato, avocado, and onion with lime juice.

My calories, etc., reflect my indulgence. Calories were only 1569 but my fat was a whopping 19% with 9% protein. Can’t do that often!

I’d better get to bed. I need my beauty sleep.

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