We fall back, time-wise, tonight and I say, “Praise the Lord.” And I’m not being facetious. The Germans thought up “Daylight Saving Time” and I say they should have kept it.

Breakfast was a kiwi, some dates, and a banana smoothie.

The salad at the lasagna dinner looked decent but I had one that I’d fixed yesterday as insurance. My family was amazed at the amount but it’s no more than I eat every day. They eat like I used to and treat fresh food as a condiment. They mostly eat processed food but that’s what they’ve been taught to eat over the years. I’m afraid that’s the way I raised my children and I can’t zap them into a different way of eating. Anyone has to want to do it. That’s the first step.

Reactions were pretty much the same across the board. “You’ve lost weight! What are you doing?” My son said that people don’t tell me hello. They say, “What’s your diet?” When I tell them that I’m only eating raw food, I hear the same thing. “I couldn’t ever do that.” I didn’t think I could, either, but here I am…four months later.

Supper was a large bowl of tomatoes. We were at the supper that’s provided for anyone that wants to eat. The only thing I saw on the table that I’d want was a fruit bowl. I took it and wished I hadn’t. It tasted like it had been liberally laced with Fruit Fresh. A little bit would have been okay but it had a whang that I couldn’t handle. I tried a couple of bites and then got my dates and bananas out. My brother-in-law and his wife were sitting on the other side of the table from us and they had some dates. Along with sandwiches and dessert.

My son, DIL, granddaughter, and I went to a gospel music concert. The man certainly has potential. A lot of the music sounded similar but all the songs had good messages.

We came back by the supermarket so I could get some more bananas. I had miscalculated when I brought what I thought would do me until I got home.

I was watching “A Shark’s Tale” with the others until I had to go soak in the tub for awhile to get warm. I keep my house just barely warmer than they do but it was enough that I was cold.

Think I’ll go on to bed. I’ve seen it before and I need sleep worse than I need to see it again.

Calories were 1415, fat 14%, and protein 9%.

Good night!

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