I got up in time to BodyFlex this morning but I got sidetracked and didn’t get it done. I did the other exercises, though. Plus vision therapy.

Breakfast was a kiwi and a banana/blueberry/date smoothie.

I had the last of the watermelon for my mid-morning snack.

Lunch was a huge salad of romaine, Boston, spinach, avocado, onion, tomato, and lime juice.

On the way home, I stopped at the veggie man’s trailer to talk tomatoes. He ordered two more boxes for me and one for my office-mate at work. There was a light frost last night but the tomatoes had been picked yesterday afternoon.

I’m still working on the Romas and had some chunked up in a bowl for my first course. The second was grapefruit juice, then dates (three varieties), and a banana smoothie.

My calories for the day were 1643 with 10% fat and 8% protein.

I don’t have the place presentable yet so I’d better get tuit.

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