I clicked on “Create a Blog” instead of my blog title and was taken to “Name your blog”. I immediately clicked on the back button. It takes some time to maintain one (and I go back and see glaring errors in grammar and punctuation that I missed the first time) so I certainly don’t need two.

Yesterday was unremarkable through exercising, breakfast (pineapple and a smoothie of bananas and blueberries, and dates). I had an e-mail from my son saying that they are plagued with mold and could they borrow my air purifier. Now, I don’t loan it out as a general rule and the tone of his e-mail wasn’t urgent. I said no and got ready for church.

While I was there, I slipped out and ate some dates that I had taken with me for the purpose and swished my mouth with water to help my teeth.

One of the ladies asked if I would stay for lunch. I asked her what raw food they might have and she said that there was a salad. She showed me how big and I said that might be enough for me so I’d go on home.

Once I got here, I fixed a big bowl of watermelon. I sat down to read my e-mail while I ate and here was another one from my son. Again, I said no. Finally, my DIL sent me one, detailing the seriousness of their situation so I said I would clean it and meet them at a corn maze they were taking the church kids club to. She sent me directions which I read but didn’t take time to print off because there was a print job in the queue that I couldn’t get rid of easily.

I made myself a large salad, took a couple of bananas and the ever-present dates and set out. I ate the bananas before I got 10 miles away from the house. I called out to Mother as I went past the Cove but I didn’t turn in. That’s the first time that I haven’t been to her grave either going or coming back. I guess it had to happen sometime.

The gas in my car was sufficient to get me to my destination and get me home but I’d had watermelon, remember, so I had to stop anyway. Several times. I’d run in, use the facilities like I was supposed to be there, and leave.

I didn’t remember the exit number. Actually, I didn’t remember that the exit number was in the directions but it was. I kept driving. And driving. And driving. I passed the name of the town but it was appended by “Road”. Now, in this part of the country, there are roads named after towns but the town is further up the Interstate. I kept on going. I passed a couple of towns that my son had mentioned so I didn’t think anything about it. Then I came to an exit that I knew had to be past where I was supposed to be. I pulled off, went in, and the young woman rolled the ball around on her pierced tongue, squinted, and said, “That’s about 35 miles south of here, I think.” I asked about a pay phone (they are getting to be a rare breed) and there were three just across the parking lot. I called my son’s cell phone and got voice mail. That didn’t do me a fat lot of good so I just left a cryptic message and got back in the car. I kept thinking that a cell phone wouldn’t have done me any good but a GPS sure would have.

The young woman’s thinking made me wonder so I stopped again and asked and one of the locals said that it was either the 4th or the 5th exit south from there. He said it’s two stores and the “Road” road was the one I should have taken. He looked like he likes lots of cooked food. Really and truly, the pierced tongue girl looked like she does, too.

Once again, it was into the car. I started counting exits. When I came to either the 4th or 5th (I don’t remember which it was) there was the “Road” that I’d chosen to ignore before. I got off the Interstate and started in one direction that didn’t seem to be right to me so I turned around and went back the other way. There was a gas station so I stopped, for the last time, and asked for directions again. A nice lady told me where it was, how far to go before I turned off, and which side of the road it would be on. I was relieved, to say the least.

It was beginning to get dark when I got there and the group was getting ready to eat. My granddaughter and a friend were coming across the parking lot. She told me where the picnic was to be. They had fake hot dogs with all the trimmings, hot chocolate, spiced cider, and marshmallows. I had my dates and salad. I ate some dates and offered to share but no one would take me up on them. They offered me a hot dog so I reacted in kind and turned it down. There were several comments, as usual, on how good my salad looked. One of the women had a hot dog in her hand and was telling me that she isn’t eating raw, but she is trying to eat more naturally. Now, there is hardly any food that is less natural than a fake hot dog. I would suppose that last night was an exception as far as her diet is concerned.

There was a nice fire going and my son got a chair for me. I sat down to get warm and eat my salad. People kept getting between me and the fire but I was still warm enough. I kept munching and munching and wasn’t more than 2/3 full when my son started the devotions (my DIL was handing out cups of hot water for the chocolate and cider). By that time, it was getting pretty dark. He announced that there was a guest and put the “spotlight” on me with a flashlight. I waved and said hello. That’s when one of the little boys discovered that I was eating in the dark. He brought his flashlight over and lighted up my salad so I could see to eat. I thanked him. That was very thoughtful. In a few minutes, his brother came over. He told me, “My brother is going to help you now” and left. It probably isn’t very interesting to watch someone’s mother eat a salad but he stuck with it for several minutes. I was almost through when he went to join his friends.

After worship, some left to go through the maize maze and some to go on a hayride. I stayed by the fire. I waited too long to go to the bathroom and no matter what I tried to calm my bladder, it didn’t work. I had somewhat of an accident and was glad for the fire to help dry the result.

My son isn’t a pyromaniac but he does love a fire. He kept piling wood on until we had to push our chairs back. We were all dressed in warm clothes but he had on shorts and a T-shirt.

It was pretty late when we left and I was low on gas because of my side trip. On the way in, the warning light had started flickering on. The station I’d stopped at earlier was closed. I went to a high-priced one by the Interstate and got $5 worth and then went on to a more reasonably priced one (if any of the prices are reasonable these days) and filled up.

My calories were 1404 with 13% fat and 7% protein.

I’ll update for today later. I need to Get Some Things Done.

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