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It’s time for True Confessions. I haven’t been broadcasting my weight but I guess it’s time. Yesterday morning when I weighed, I had definitely broken 150. I was down to 149.5 one day last week but I was 149 yesterday a.m. Now, I’ll put that in perspective. Since I have now lost 38.5 lubs, it means that, at my heaviest in mid-May, I was up to 187.5. Now, my six foot tall husband thought himself overweight if he got to 185 and I’m 5’3″ tall. Boosh!

Since I had quite a bit to do this morning in unfamiliar surroundings, I didn’t do any exercising except for squats and wall pushups. I made a backup salad which, it turned out, was a good thing.

I had some dates and a banana/peach smoothie for breakfast. I put half a dozen dates in a plastic container to take to the conference with me. On the way there, I stopped by the continental breakfast and got two small bananas since I’d purposely shorted myself for breakfast. I ate them when I got to the center while the others had their sticky buns and Danish.

When break time came (by the way, the speakers have been excellent this year) I went outside and ate dates in the sun while the smokers puffed away in the shade.

Lunch was in a separate room and was catered. The president had asked for a large salad for me but all I saw was a huge platter of lettuce and sliced plastic tomatoes. I came back to the hotel and got the salad I’d made earlier. I grabbed a couple of dates out of the fridge and munched on them while I poured the lime juice over the lettuce and put the onion and avocado on next then chunked up a tomato and put it on top. It looked pretty. I took it with my salt shaker–I’ve cut down but not out–back to the banquet room. I was told that the caterer was looking for me and had something especially for me. One of the women went looking for them and I thought, “Here I’ve gone and fixed my salad and I won’t even need it.” She came back, triumphant and the caterer came bearing spinach lasagna! It was a gooey mass in a little pannikin covered with plastic wrap. Even in my days of eating cooked, it wouldn’t have been tempting. I told the caterer that I don’t eat cooked food and thanked her anyway. I got lots of comments on how good my salad looked and, I must say, it tasted good.

It was back to the conference for the afternoon sessions. During the break, I went for a walk and got where no one could see me and did some squats and wall pushups. We were supposed to get out at 3 but the keynote speaker had gone over this morning and that pushed us an hour late getting out.

I lost my group somewhere. I saw them in the parking lot but I was walking and they were going to drive back to the hotel. It’s just across the street so I couldn’t see any reason to ride when I needed the exercise. They were going to go to one of the restaurants in a nearby town that has a good (?) reputation for their meats. They bring it to the table, raw, and let the customers pick out the cut they want. They put me down for a reservation but I wasn’t too keen on going. I know I eat raw food but it never walked, ate, or looked out of eyes.

I came to the room and fixed a big bowl of tomatoes and chowed down.

I hung around for a little while but I was wanting to go see about getting something decent to wear to church. I went to one of the outlets and found a skirt and two tops, then started looking for shoes. I struck out there, but found a Totes place and went in to look for a jacket. My mother had bought a really neat jacket last year and I wanted something similar. There wasn’t anything even close, but I told the saleslady what I was looking for and she directed me to another store close by.

When I got to the other mall, I found a shoe store that had my size and the color I needed and I got a brown pair and a black pair. The lady at the checkout tried to talk me into getting a red pair, too, and I did try them on but I resisted. I asked her where the Totes store was and it was directly across from them.

I went straight back to the rear of the store and found almost what I wanted. The jacket was marked down numerous times and there was a sign for 25% off everything on the rack. It’s a medium and a little snug but I’m not buying anything that fits any more until I quit losing weight. After the man finished calculating, the jacket cost $8.20. The stitching on the collar is a little crooked on one corner, which would have driven my mother bug-huntin’ but it won’t be noticed on a galloping horse–me.

It was after dark so I came back to the hotel–about three blocks up and two blocks over. I called and left a message for the group but they can’t call me because I’m online!

I ate some dates and fixed a banana/orange juice smoothie. BTW, if anyone might wonder, that combination isn’t advised. I seem to do okay with it so Roger tolerates it but he wants me to overcome eating sweet and acid fruits together.

I need to update on fitday for yesterday and today both so I’d better get to it. I got it done after the BSOD did its thing. Yesterday was 1361 (exactly?) with 14% fat and 8% protein. Today was 1448 with 12% fat and 8% protein.

This will be the last time I update until I get home. I fixed a salad tonight except for the tomato and will have a picnic before I go home. The last vendor meal will be a “full” breakfast–bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits, grits, whatever. I’m to pick up some fruit from the continental breakfast on my way over.

Good night!

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