I’ve been getting the BSOD tonight so I’m writing this in WordPad and will copy and paste when I can get online to update.

I got up a little after my usual time and did all my exercises. Breakfast was a large bowl of watermelon. Later, I had two nectarines, a peach, and a banana/orange juice smoothie.

The neighbors got the apples I haven’t been using, then I chunked up a bowl of Roma tomatoes and ate them. They aren’t as good as the ones I get from the veggie man.

It was a slow day and I didn’t try to hurry it up. I got on the road about 3. I checked on Mother’s grave on the way out.

I’d been eating dates to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

It took a lot longer to get here than I’d hoped. I stopped at Russell Stover to go potty. It was the first time I’d been there since I had been there with Mother about a year ago.

A quick trip to Wal*Mart and I was on the way to the hotel eating bananas while I drove. Got checked in okay and unloaded the car. I was going to change clothes but decided against it. I went to the Conference Center where a few vendors were set up. There was a platter of fruit which I helped myself to.

A couple of people who used to work for the hospital system I do were there and one of them had a lot of questions to ask about my weight loss, etc.

We went back to Wal*Mart, then they brought me to the hotel so I could come in and eat my salad.

I’m going to bed. I’m sleeeeeeeeepy.

Good night!

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