It is much too late to be doing this but I can’t let a day go by without updating myself, if no one else.

I got up fairly early for a Sunday since I had a birthday party to go to fifty-some miles away. I’d done a load of laundry last night and dried it, then put another in to wash while I was snoozing in bed. I put that one in the dryer this morning, then put another in the washer. So the laundry is caught up, at least.

I did all of my exercising, then had a banana/orange juice smoothie for breakfast. I had some dates, too.

Along about 10:25, I set out, taking dates and a large salad with me.

I got to the shelter at the playground right at 11:30, when the party was to start, according to the invitation. My DIL and a friend were still decorating and I helped with what was left to do.

Since the party had been in the same place the last two years, I knew it would be cool so I’d planned to take a jacket. I walked off without it. In the shelter, it was COLD. I stood or sat in the sun most of the time.

By and by, the guests had arrived and the party got under way. They had pizza and cake while I had dates and water.

During the gifting, my other DIL and granddaughter got there. My older granddaughter is 10 and she’s getting very tall. She’s slim and quite willowy.

After all the gifts had been opened and everything had been cleared away, the children and parents made their way to the playground. I visited with my DIL and older granddaughter for awhile and then we all went our separate ways.

I’d planned to try to find a picnic table somewhere in the sun to eat my salad but I didn’t want to go to the Student Park alone and that seemed to be the only option. I went to the college store and ran into my DIL and granddaughter again as they were checking out. Once again, I was struck by how tall my g-daughter is getting.

After they left and I’d done my little bit of shopping, I went to the tables that are set up in the front of the store and ate my salad. A couple I know came in and sat down for a few minutes to chat. The wife noticed that I have lost weight and she wanted to know how I’d done it. She’s interested in finding out more about eating raw so I gave her my e-mail address so she can get in touch.

I worked my way back home via other produce departments and got in just before 6:30. I had the car to unload and lots of things to do.

First thing, I fixed a bowl of tomatoes, then had some dates and a banana/blueberry smoothie.

My bananas got very ripe before I could eat them so I’ve peeled, cut up, and frozen all of them except for enough for tomorrow. I have some organic ones that I got at the college store that are barely ripe.

I’m about as close to being tired as I have been in months so I think I’ll log my food tomorrow and I’ll post the results then.

Good night!

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