I set the alarm and read the rest of a book I’d been working on for several weeks. It isn’t an easy read because it’s poorly written. I took a short nap for the first time in months.

I got up and dressed, then put some dates in a container to take with me just in case. I brought them all home.

The meeting lasted for less than an hour. I was the second person there and the rest (minus one alternate) straggled in.

After it was over, I spoke to one of the others about setting the fellow I’d given the dates to today with an e-mail address so he can sign up for Roger’s free 31 day course. It has all sorts of perks and can be accessed at this link. Come to find out, the person who agreed to take care of it indicated that he is interested in going on raw food, too. He and his wife tried it several years ago but didn’t do too well. It’s too bad that people have to learn to do it because it’s so easy once the principles are familiar. There’s, I guess, more to be unlearned than learned.

When I got home, I had some of the wet pack dates and a couple of the medjools. Then I had a banana/orange juice smoothie. I’d bought some baby bananas the other day and still hadn’t used them. I ate one of them and put the rest in the smoothie. I still don’t think they are that much different than regular bananas but they are SO CUTE!

I forgot to include the half avocado that I put in my salad today when I was listing the ingredients. It boosted my calories up to 1600, fat 16%, protein 8%.

Think I’ll not stay up for Monk tonight. He’ll just have to do without me.

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