I’d promised I would play for church today but I failed to get up any earlier. I didn’t have time to do anything but my vision therapy.

Breakfast was some dates (yum!) and a banana/pear smoothie. I took some dates with me and slipped out between services to have a couple. I gave the rest to a friend who is trying to increase the amount of raw food he is eating. He was blown away by the size of them.

When I got home, I finished off the last of the watermelon. It was such a little bit that I don’t know if I will fool with logging it. I peeled six smallish tomatoes and ate them outside. I put on a tank top per Roger’s instructions so I could get some sun. After that, I came in and fixed a huge salad of romaine, Boston, parsley, Roma tomatoes, onion, and lime juice.


I took its picture and then I sprinkled the whole thing with salt.It took a long time to eat it. I sat outside for that, too, but I had to keep moving my chair to keep in the sun. The neighbor’s cat came over and was rubbing against my legs. It acted like it wanted to jump into my lap but I don’t have strange cats sitting on me while I eat. I finally gave up moving my chair and came inside. I had intended to take some “corn chips” with Mock Salmon Pate on my picnic but I forgot them. I had that when I came back in. It didn’t even taste good to me. I’m losing all desire for such preparations.

Turns out the day I went 100% raw (June 24) is Roger’s birthday. According to the latest newsletter, he’s 38. He’s younger than my second child.

The first meeting of the Nominating Committee (tonight) was announced at church. I was hoping I was an alternate but I’m a full member. It wouldn’t have gotten me out of it, anyway, because alternates are supposed to be there for the initial session, too. It’s supposed to be a short meeting. Seems a waste to use all that gas for a short meeting. Wonder if they could conference me in? That’s the way we do it at work. I have to leave in two hours to get there on time.

I should be okay, foodwise, until I get home but I might take some dates for insurance. I haven’t had any of the wet pack dates today.

Think I’ll go read awhile.


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