Time is fastly going by, to quote a learned man.

Breakfast was “oatmeal”. It was truly delicious. I got the recipe from one of Roger’s posts. It’s mashed bananas (leave them a little chunky for texture), soaked raisins, and cinnamon. That’s it. Mix it all together, eat, and enjoy. I also had a peach.

I was supposed to be in a training session this morning via video conference. I got video but no audio so I went back to my office. There was another session this afternoon so I didn’t miss out on anything. More’s the pity. The man doing the first and last parts spoke in such a monotone that I had to fight sleep.

The dates I’d ordered to take to Florida came today. Good timing, huh? They were good but I don’t think I’ll be ordering from there any more. I shared some of them with the girls that would try them. One took a bite but didn’t like it so I finished it. She’s a good friend of mine and I don’t think she has any communicable diseases. I was beginning to get a little hungry and the dates were a nice pick-me-up.

My staff was short so I had my watermelon in my office at the little table that was put there for a conversation area.

The second session started right at noon so I took my food back to the conference room and ate it there. I had spinach soup, onion bread with some of Matt’s dip, salsa, and avocado. There was one other person in there with me–one of the doctors–and he ate the cafeteria’s latest disaster.

I stopped at the veggie stand on the way home to get some tomatoes for the person I share the office with and confirmed that I want a box of green tomatoes and possibly two. The owner said that he will sell them to me for what he pays for them because I’m such a good customer.

I came home, chunked up a bowl of tomatoes and watched the news. That isn’t a very good thing to do. It could make me lose my appetite.

Later, I had a banana/orange juice/blueberry smoothie.

My calories have been inching up but I’m still burning more than I eat. Total was 1900 (my second highest day since I have been tracking it), with 18% fat and 7% protein. I burned 2300 so I’m still on the negative side.

Better get ready for bed!

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