I got up too late to BF or do anything but my vision therapy.

Breakfast was a peach and a banana/orange juice smoothie.

When I put on my dress to go to church, it was decidedly looser than the last time I wore it almost a month ago. It’s really too big but I didn’t have anything else that I could wear that would have fit any better. The jacket needs taking in, too. It’s also too broad across the shoulders. And to think I couldn’t have gotten into the dress this time last year! I wore the jacket with other things but I couldn’t even get close to buttoning it. It gapped by about three inches.

There was a group on the porch and one of them had news that I didn’t want to hear. She said that I had been put on the nominating committee while I was gone. I could turn it down but I guess I could do this much since I hadn’t taken any offices this year. I was thinking, earlier this morning, that it was that time of year and I was hoping everything had taken place without me. It had, but not the way I’d hoped.

A couple who had moved away has come back. The man’s father is the one who worked as a greeter at Wal*Mart and he told me that his mother had been telling him about me and my raw diet. He is eating more raw food now and is feeling a lot better. At one time, he was a good candidate for a heart attack but he’s lost weight and is very trim. He and his wife are two of my favorite people and I’m glad they didn’t stay gone. He sings with a quartet and she accompanies them. He also writes music that, someday, I hope he will publish. He’s really talented.

Several people commented on my weight loss. I was reading this afternoon about someone who has lost weight but says she has recycled it since she doesn’t want it back. That makes sense.

The church service was put on by the students so there was a fellowship meal after since a lot of people were there from the community but I didn’t stay.

When I got home, I had a large bowl of watermelon. It’s getting better toward the middle. I fixed myself a large (as in humongous) salad with Boston, romaine, onion (it was a little strong so I didn’t eat all of it), tomato, and lime juice. I also had some of my corn chips (they aren’t bad at all) with some of Matt’s dip.

My sister called this afternoon to get a phone number and we had a nice visit. She says that she is anxious to see what I look like since I am considerably smaller than I was the last time we were together. That will be in almost three more weeks. I told her that I feel a lot better than I used to and she said she didn’t know I’d felt bad. It wasn’t that I really felt BAD, I was tired all the time because I was using all my energy to process my food. As soon as I changed that, I changed the way I felt.

This evening, I had a bowl of tomatoes and a banana/orange smoothie. I am about out of my bottled water or I would have had just a banana smoothie.

I ate 1600 calories with 7% fat and 7% protein.

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