I’ve been trying and trying to get on to update and can’t get Internet Explorer to cooperate. I’m doing this offline and will paste it in when I can manage to make it work.

Yesterday, we ate our continental breakfast as planned after I’d had an apple and two nectarines. I had an orange and four bananas.

We’d already loaded so we were ready to go. I took four bananas I’d bought at King’s, the rest of the dates, red grapes, and some sunflower seeds for the road. When I got hungry, I ate. We stopped once at the Cracker Barrel and I had a small tossed salad. When we got to my son’s place, I broke out the salad that I’d made at the hotel and kept on ice. It was romaine and nothing else. I put some green onion with it and dressed it with lime juice (what else?). It was the best thing I’d eaten all day. I had some sunflower seeds, too. My calorie count for the day was 1400, 9% fat, 7% protein.

By the way, I always offered to share but was usually turned down in favor of whatever could be put in a box, can, or bag. My DIL did have salad twice while we were gone.

This morning, I got up early (I slept better than I had for several nights). I had my last two bananas, some dates, and some grapes. I headed out toward home about 8:30.

I stopped at the local college store and got a few things, then went on to Wal*Mart in my home town. Before I went in, I ate a couple of the organic bananas I’d bought at the college store. I saw a couple of people in there that I knew—one was a regular customer when I worked as a hairdresser a lifetime ago. It was the first time I’d seen her for some 18 years. We had a good visit. After I finished there, I hit a produce place a few blocks away. Then it was on to visit my mother’s grave which looked much the same as last time. I stopped at my neighborhood gas station and found that they were out of regular. Since I have half a tank of gas, I didn’t opt for a higher octane but went on to the Apple House. On the way back, I stopped at Farmer John’s and got a couple of watermelons for $2 each.

I’d had the mail stopped until today so I got the bundle out of the box and pulled down in the yard to make it easier to unload.

I let my neighbor know that I was back and he told me he’d only found three figs that were ready that hadn’t been attacked by ants. There are several green ones but none that are big enough to get ripe.

It took quite a few trips to unload the car but I got ‘er done. It took even longer to put all the food away.

I’d gotten a baby watermelon at Wal*Mart so I ate half of that. It took me awhile to make a large salad but I pigged out! It was romaine, Boston, tomato, onion, and avocado dressed with a couple of limes. It was wonderful!

All the clothes had to be washed. I’d used Tide at the hotel to wash my clothes there and it had broken me out. I put everything I had, dirty or clean, through the washer and dryer.

I’d gotten a recipe for corn chips so I pitched in and made them. The mixture was very juicy and dripped a lot. They are in the dehydrator and are smelling up the house.

I did a few other things and it was time for supper. I had some medjool dates I’d bought today and they are really good. I made my first banana/blueberry smoothie since I ran out of blueberries in Florida and it was delish!

Calories were almost 1500, fat 14%, protein 7%.

It’s past my bedtime. Tonight I’ll sleep in my own bed!

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