14 weeks!

It’s been a laid back relaxed day. I got up after 7. The others left for breakfast shortly after 7:30 and went to Discovery Cove about 8. That’s when I did my vision therapy.

Breakfast was a banana/grape smoothie and a peach. Along about noon, I had spinach soup with avocado and some Onion Bread. I was going to take a picture to post but my batteries were completely down in my camera and the others weren’t recharged. It was attractive. You’ll have to take my word for it. It was a tomato, celery, two small green onions, sunflower seeds, spinach, lime juice, and a sprinkle of sea salt all blended together. I diced the avocado and put it on top of the soup. I had enough for two bowls and it was yummy. The green onion gave it a zing and the sunflower seeds made it just a little creamy.

I had already showered so I pulled on some clothes and went shopping for souvenirs. I stopped in King’s “Supermarket” and found some sliced cantaloupe and honeydew that didn’t look half bad.

My other goal for the day was to do my laundry. That done, I came back to the room.

I decided that I would catch up on Monk but the VCR had acted up last night and was still doing it today. The maintenance man came up to check it out and it behaved perfectly while he was here. I told him it would give trouble as soon as he left and it did. I let the front desk know and they sent him up again. This time, he brought another one and swapped it out.

I also had visits from the air conditioner man and housekeeping. I’d had a message about the a/c man the other day so that wasn’t a surprise. Housekeeping was since they had cleaned yesterday. They only do one in-depth cleaning if the guests are staying more than a week. I told them it wasn’t necessary so they went on.

Supper was some dates and a banana smoothie. Several hours later, I had an apple.

The folks got back from DC about 6:30 and are worn out and somewhat sunburned. They had pictures to show and tales to tell.

My calorie count was barely over 1200 with 9% fat and 6% protein.

It’s nice that it’s Sabbath. There is nothing on the agenda for tomorrow except to recuperate. Sunday will be Epcot for me and Monday is Disney Quest. Tuesday will see us heading for home.

Happy Sabbath to one and all!

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