I got up even later. This is getting to be a pattern.

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry smoothie. To get ready to face the day, later on I had some tomato “soup”. It was three tomatoes, green pepper, celery, and cashews. We were ready to walk out the door before I got quite through with it so the rest went down the sink.

Today was Sea World. We had walked around a lot (not as much as yesterday) and saw most of the sights when lunch was mentioned. I ate a half dozen dates and was prepared to eat more if I couldn’t find anything. The Spice Mill was the place that was chosen. I had about settled on a pizzeria that had salad but I decided to see what might be available. I lucked out. The chef offered to fix me a salad to order so I asked for two. The lettuce was sort of fresh, the baby greens were good, the cucumber was excellent, but I had to pick through the cherry tomatoes. He’d given me lemon wedges for dressing. It wasn’t up to the quality I got at the Hard Rock Cafe but it was only half as much, too.

After we got back to the hotel, I fixed myself a really big salad with romaine, tomato, celery, green onion, and avocado dressed with lime juice. It beat the other salads all hollow.

My calorie count for the day is about 150 short. I went ‘way over on fat with 23% but my protein is 9% so it’s still within range.

I’m determined to get a good night’s sleep tonight. Last night, my legs cramped from all the walking. They’re better today. By tomorrow, they should be used to it.

Good night!

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