We got up when we wanted to

We got up when we wanted to this morning. I did my vision therapy but didn’t even attempt exercising. With all the walking we did today, I don’t think I needed to.

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry/date smoothie. I remembered to put the dates in my fanny pack this time. When it was inspected, the inspector either didn’t see them or ignored them.

Today was spent at Universal Island of Adventure. I had probably six or eight dates while we were there. My family decided to have fast food (again) so I went to City Walk and treated myself to a large salad at the Hard Rock Cafe. My waitress was very accommodating and brought me a salad of leaf lettuce, purple onion (I scraped most of it off), tomato, and avocado. I asked if they had limes and she said not in the kitchen but she could get me some from the bar. She brought me a saucer with lime and lemon wedges arranged beautifully. She said that when she fixed my salad the chef stopped her and said she’d forgotten a lot of the ingredients. It was supposed to have roasted chicken, cheese, croutons, and eggs. She informed him that I’m a vegetarian and that’s the way I’d ordered it. I had water without ice and a lemon wedge. After I’d paid my bill, she sat down and we had a nice chat about the way I eat. She said that she loves salad but not the dressing and she’d never seen anyone put lime juice on it instead.

We walked for miles, literally, today. At one point, my son and DIL were going on a roller coaster type ride and I was going to take my granddaughter to ride the caro-“Seuss”-sel. I had my DIL’s cell phone but I couldn’t hear it and they couldn’t hear me calling. I left voice mail twice. We both misunderstood where we were to meet so I ended up pushing my granddaughter back to where they had gotten on the ride and they went to where we had been. It was quite awhile before we found each other.

When we got back, I took a bath and I can tell I got ‘way too much sun. I chunked up a bowl of tomatoes and had them with sea salt. I’m going to have a smoothie in a little while. And maybe a peach or a nectarine if any are ready.

I had my nectarine and a banana smoothie. Calories for today are 1367, 7% fat, 6% protein.

Goodnight, all!

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