13 weeks today! One quarter!

One-fourth of one year!

Happy Sabbath! I’m getting paranoid about the Blue Screen of Death so I’m writing this in WordPad and will save it frequently in case the modem decides to go belly up.

I got up when the alarm went off and had time to exercise, etc. Breakfast was a banana/orange juice smoothie.

When I walked into the office, I was greeted by the news that all communications outside the county were down. There was little to no hope that they would be back up any time soon. I gave my desk a good cleaning, ate my watermelon, waited for the mail to come in case my dates that I’d ordered had arrived and left. The dates must’ve been sent by Pony Express. They were supposed to be sent out Priority Mail over a week ago.

As planned, I went to Goody’s after I’d made a couple other stops (one was to get some dates at the local healthfood store and I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again). My jeans and slacks were brought up and lo! the card wasn’t good on any of them! Two were Levis and the slacks were Dockers and they were excluded from using the card. I had to have something to cover my nekkidness so I got them anyway.

I went to Wal*Mart and got the weakest reading glasses available so my eyes will be more challenged. One of the ladies in line was talking about gas being so expensive that it makes going to work unprofitable. I said we could all go on welfare, the money could be put in the bank with direct deposit and we could order our groceries online. She agreed. I saw her in the parking lot getting into an SUV. I was thankful to be getting into my little Honda Civic.

I’d put my lunch in the fridge so I got it out after the car was unloaded and ate it. I had Instant Spinach Soup. I’d put the rest of the tamarillo in it so it had a special zing. I also had some salsa that I’d taken for the Crew but didn’t leave it. I ate a little bit of an avocado that had been in the refrigerator for awhile.

My new clothes needed washing so I took care of that and got mostly packed. I’ve had to pack so much in my lifetime that I have it down to a science. I don’t understand these people who start packing two weeks before a trip.

Supper was a big bowl of tomatoes followed by a peach some time later. After that, I had a banana/date smoothie. It wasn’t delicious. When I was trying to enter the dates on fitday, I had to put raisins instead.

Calories for the day are 1150, fat is 9% and protein is 8%. Much better than yesterday.

An interesting note–at least to me. I had been asking on the forum what, if anything, anyone knew about getting raw food in the touristy places in Florida. No one seems to know so I’ve been designated to find out. I called Arabian Nights, which is on Monday’s agenda, and the nice man got my preferences and told me he would call me back. I had about given up on hearing from him ever again when the phone rang. He said that they would provide me with a large salad and I’m to advise the server of that fact. I let him know that I would want a citrus dressing with no oil or vinegar. I’m to tell the server that, too. One down and several to go!

Better get to bed!

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