I have been trying to take in some of my slacks and it’s proving to be more of a challenge than I had expected. I got a $25 card from Goody’s in the mail today and I may take it and use it.

It was an early morning and I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was a few figs, some honeydew, and a banana/pineapple smoothie.

I had my watermelon and honeydew outside in the sun. I’d pulled up my slacks to my knees to get some sun on my legs when I felt something crawling. I looked down and it was a wasp. I stomped my foot and it departed.

One of the crew called and said that we were eating lunch at the picnic table. I wasn’t able to go out right away so I got left about halfway through my meal of a salad of tomato, romaine and Boston lettuce dressed with lime juice, some of the onion “bread” with Mock Salmon Pate. Some of the girls tried the “bread” and all of them but one liked them. She spit hers out on the ground.

My daughter-in-law called and said that my granddaughter wasn’t feeling good, that she had pain around her belly button. She was on her way to pick her up from daycare. She called me back later and said that she didn’t know why the daycare had called her, that she was fine. She is going to take her to the doctor on Friday just to be on the safe side.

Supper was three tomatoes chunked up. Later I had half the tamarillo which turned out to be more of a vegetable than a fruit. It’s quite tart. I took a picture of it after I’d cut it but I won’t take time to put it on here tonight. It’s unusual looking so I’ll post it later. I also had a nectarine and a peach plus a banana smoothie.

My calorie count is a whopping almost 1500 calories with 18% fat and 8% protein. I’m going to have to watch it.

I got my prescription filled for the lower dose of thyroid med and I’ll start it tomorrow.

I talked to my son tonight and his visit to the doctor was encouraging. The splint is no longer on his arm and he has a series of exercises that he has to do. He has almost full range of motion but he says that it hurts when he rotates it. He’s to go back in three weeks.

The box of tomatoes is in the room where the dehydrator is and that’s not a good idea. I was hoping that they would ripen over a period of weeks but that was not to be. They are all red so I’ll be eating lots of tomatoes.

Supper was a bowl of tomatoes, a peach, a nectarine, and the tamarillo plus a banana smoothie. I took a picture of the tamarillo but I won’t take time to post it tonight. It’s quite tart and seems more vegetable like than a fruit.

My calories are almost up to a whopping 1500 with 18% fat and 8% protein. I’m going to have to watch it. I got my prescription filled for my thyroid med today, too, so that may slow things down. We’ll see.

Better call it a night. It’s getting late.

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