I had IDWGUS this morning. That’s “I don’t wanna get up” syndrome. It was the closest to tired that I’ve been for a long time. My late night was telling on me. Once I got up, I was okay and had loads of energy.

I was up a lub. Don’t know if that’s actual weight or fluid.

I exercised everything including my eyeballs. I did the first set of 30 squats and 20 wall pushups. During the day, I did five or six more. Sets, that is.

Breakfast was a nectarine, some figs, and a banana/mango smoothie.

I ate my watermelon at the table in front of the nursing home and soaked up some sun.

Lunch was Instant Spinach Soup and celery sticks with Matt’s dip. While I was eating, a woman came in and sat down across from me and proceeded to eat her lunch of three weiners with mustard and pork rinds. Even in my cooked days, that would have gagged me. She’s the one who had expressed such an interest at first in raw food but that’s about as far as a person can get from it.

When I got home, I had a big bowl full of tomatoes. Later, I had a banana/blueberry smoothie. Calories were almost 1500 with 10% fat and 7% protein.

I talked to the doctor today about the results of my TSH. At first he told me to take the prescription I have six days a week. After I told him that I only had a few more pills left, he wrote me a new three month prescription for .075 mg. He didn’t write it for any refills so I figure that he will order another TSH before he writes me another one. He didn’t tell me what my level was (though I already knew). He just said that my medication was a “smidge too much” and he needed to adjust it. He thinks my eating only uncooked food is a bunch of hogwash but he hasn’t tried to talk me out of it.

The onion bread was dry enough to take off the sheets this morning. This afternoon, I took it out of the trays and cut it into cracker sized squares with a pizza cutter. I ate the crumbs and it tastes pretty good. I put it back into the dehydrator for another day or so. Mine heats to 105 degrees so it takes longer.

Better get ready for bed. Good night!

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