12 weeks today! Can you believe it?

I got up before the alarm went off this morning. I managed to get in everything that I was supposed to do, exercise-wise. I had told Roger about my ankles not holding up for more than 60 squats so he said to try three sets of thirty. I have done two sets so I’ll have to do one more before I go to bed.

Breakfast was some figs, and a banana/orange juice smoothie. It was delicious.

It was raining when I left the house. I figured that I’d have to eat my watermelon inside but the rain had stopped–at least for awhile–when I was ready to go out. The picnic table is under a tree and the sun hadn’t hit it. Since it was wet, I went to a table in front of the nursing home and I liked it better there. It’s in the sun at that time of day.

The Group ate lunch a little early which was fine because I was leaving at 1 CDT to go get my car serviced. I had Instant Spinach Soup with a tomato chunked up in it and the rest of the MSP. Someone came in and asked if our group was an ongoing thing and the answer was yes, that everyone brought something and shared. Since no one wants to share most of mine I said, “I’m here so they can laugh at my lunch.” The others had ham and cheese sandwiches, potato chips, and sliced tomatoes. I think one of them had some leftover tuna salad from yesterday. Not at all tempting except for the tomatoes and I had mine.

I left shortly after eating and was wending my way to the dealership with little time to spare. I had to make a pitstop since I’d had both water and watermelon. I made it to my appointment with two minutes to go. It took exactly 30 minutes from the time I checked in until the car was brought out. The settling of the bill took another few and I was on my way. As many times as I’ve been there, I took a wrong turn and had to backtrack.

As planned, I stopped at Wal*Mart and got a few things. Not as much as usual since I’m well stocked. One thing that caught my eye was a tamarillo. The picture isn’t true to color. It’s more of a wine color than red.It is fragrant as well as pretty. I’ve been reading about them and the skin isn’t pleasant to eat. It’s small so I doubt that I’ll be buying many. This one was $1.50.

The fig harvest yesterday was a pretty good one.I only got one fig today that was ready enough to attract the ants. I took my neighbor some and he was glad to get them.

My thyroid medication was getting low–I have enough to do me through Tuesday. I hadn’t had a TSH run since April. I called the doctor’s office and they faxed an order over for me to be tested. The results came back today. Normal levels on the equipment it was processed on are .4-5. It came back >.01. I talked to the lab supervisor and she agreed that I need to get with my doctor and ask him to lower my dose. I’ll do that Monday. It may slow down my weight loss but too high a dose can’t be good. There are several factors that could have caused the improvement. There’s the diet change, weight loss, tapering off hormones, exercise, sunlight…the list could go on and on. It would be great if my thyroid decided to kick in and work again but I’m not going to count on it. Miracles do happen, though…

I didn’t have time to go by Mother’s grave on the way out today so I made sure I stopped on the way back. I never pass the turnoff without visiting one direction or the other. The place had been mowed again and looked a lot better. I pulled some dead caladium leaves and came on home. The caladiums are still pretty. It won’t be long until it will get cold and they will be history.

I’ve eaten some honeydew, a peach, and several small figs. Let’s face it. They’re all small but these were tiny. My calorie count is 1230, fat is 9% and protein is 6%.

Think I’ll go to bed early tonight. And a Happy Sabbath to all!

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