I’m on a roll! I got up and did all of my exercises this morning!

Breakfast was a banana/pineapple/mango smoothie and some figs. The smoothie wasn’t as good as it was the other day because the bananas weren’t ripe enough and the mango was a Wal*Mart mango and not nearly as good as the ones I got from Florida.

I ate my watermelon outside. The lunch crowd, it turns out, has been coveting my watermelon. I haven’t been sharing because it is one of my meals. They are going to bring some watermelon tomorrow.

Lunch was a large spinach/romaine/Boston salad with lime juice and Mock Salmon Pate. One of the nurses had brought some tomatoes and I had a good-sized one.

The plan was to go to pick blueberries this evening but I had to go to two stores to find bananas that weren’t forest green, then I stopped to see if I could get a red sweet pepper. By that time, I was too late to have enough time in the berry patch so I went over to the Apple House and got a box of tomatoes and two bags of apples. The tomatoes are mostly greenish and should last me for awhile. It was $8 and they would have been culls if McKinley Romines had raised them. He’d sell culls to my mother for 50 cents a bushel and we’d can tomatoes and juice. As far as he was concerned, if a tomato wasn’t perfect, it was a cull. Coming back, I stopped at a little stand that I’d never been to before and got a mostly red pepper.

The nurse had given me the rest of the tomatoes and a couple of serrano peppers so I hove to and made some salsa. I’d eaten the largest of the tomatoes after I got home but only one of the others was ripe enough so I put a couple of roma tomatoes with it and used some others I had on hand. I chopped up a bell pepper and an onion, then put a clove of garlic through the press. I wasn’t very brave when it came to the serrano. I cut off a piece about the size of a postage stamp and chopped and chopped with the Pampered Chef chopper until it was teeny tiny. I’ll test it in the morning.

I ate part of a nectarine that was beginning to show signs of age and had a banana smoothie. My calorie count is 1175, fat is 12% and protein is 7%.

Better go to roost so I can start all over tomorrow!

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