I lay down and read for a couple of hours which would have been unheard of three months ago. Ten minutes was about the maximum before I’d nod off. I read part of the time with glasses and part without but more with.

I’ve had three tomatoes–two red and one yellow–and I’m about to dig into some figs. I found 11 that were ripe and I was going to eat all of them until I went ahead and put them into fitday and they would have totaled almost 300 calories for the 15 that I would have eaten today. That’s a little much so I’ve decided to back it off to six and have the others tomorrow. The neighbors aren’t home and when they leave on a weekend afternoon like this, they are often gone all night. If I knew they’d be back I’d share but I don’t so I won’t.

Something I remember almost every time I eat figs–I was at my mother’s house for her 100th birthday. Since it was a milestone, to say the least, my oldest sister had come out from Colorado, too. We had gone to a roadside fruit and vegetable stand one day and both of us had bought figs. Neither of us realized the other had bought them. At the next meal, she put a bowl of figs on the table which was fine with me. I started eating them like I’d paid for them (which I thought I had) and she started giving me funny looks. I said something to the effect that I wished I’d bought more and she said, “Did you buy some, too?” We were quite amused at the almost mixup. Those figs were twice the size of mine and they had a lot more flavor, too.

I’m enjoying a banana/blueberry smoothie and will go watch an episode of the Monkster soon. 1200 calories, 12% fat, 7% protein. This will be the last installment tonight so until tomorrow!

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