I didn’t sleep well last night. It was probably because I didn’t eat until after 9 o’clock and that is ‘way too late. I couldn’t not eat but I paid for it. I didn’t get sound asleep until (I think) about 2 a.m. I didn’t lie in bed with my eyes open looking at the clock but it was hours after I went to bed and I got to bed at 11. Late for a Friday night.

Consequently, I didn’t get up in time to exercise. This is getting ridiculous. I am going to have to make myself go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I did my vision therapy (of course) and spent a little time outside doing light circles, which is part of it. My sister e-mailed and wanted to know what the vision therapy is and I sent her the link to the web site. Here it is for anyone who is interested. Eye Exercises. I can tell you that it works. I had my reading glasses on for a few minutes in church so I could look up texts and that was it. I do have to wear them at work because I have a privacy screen on my computer and that makes the display harder to read plus I have to read a lot of reports that have small print. Eventually…I hope to be able to dispense with glasses altogether.

Breakfast was a large quantity of watermelon and I ate it outside. Then I got busy getting food ready for the dinner. I made a recipe of Mock Salmon Pate which wasn’t the right color because the pepper I had was more orange and green than red. I also fixed some romaine leaves to go with it.

I keep forgetting about the Butternut Squash Cookies! They were too sweet for my taste (as I thought they would be) and a little too heavy on the spices. I took the rest of them (I’d eaten one) and they were my dessert contribution. The watermelon rounded out what I took for the dinner but I fixed myself a large salad of romaine, Boston, and parsley with a jar of mango/tomato/lime dressing to go on it. While I was doing all the fixing, I made a banana/mango smoothie and drank it in between things. I also had four of the six figs I found that were ripe. I put the other two in a little plastic bag and tied it to the neighbor’s back door.

My entrance to church was made later than ever because one of my daughter’s old classmates was on the front porch as I was going in. I spoke and started by and he said, “You don’t know me, do you?” It dawned on me then who he was and I stopped and talked to him for awhile. He’s a handsome man and very intelligent but he has, so far, not done nearly as much with his life as he could. He’s spent a lot of time in the tattoo parlor and has silver earrings. I guess if women can pierce their ears, men should have the same option. I never saw any future in poking holes where they don’t belong, myself. One of the girls at work loudly proclaimed that she feels naked if she doesn’t have her earrings in. That would make me naked all the time.

I’d taken my food into the Fellowship Hall and put it in the fridge. Sometimes, people will get it out and try to fix it but it was still intact today. I plated the romaine and Mock Salmon Pate and the cookies and had taken a large bowl to put the watermelon in. It held half of what I’d taken. I took my bowl of salad and dressing to the table where I was going to sit.

There were several visitors who were allowed to go through line first and then the children were fed next. Being an old person, I was one of the last to go through. There was only one dish on the main table besides mine that was raw and that was cole slaw that was liberally mayonnaised so I left it alone. My plate held three romaine half leaves with some MSP on each. A lot of people were taking the pate and not the leaves and were using it as dip with tortilla chips which, I guess, was okay.

While the people all around me were tanking up on heavy food, I ate my salad, dressing, and pate. One of the women asked me if I wouldn’t be hungry in a little while after just eating salad. She said that it digests in no time and it seems I would want something else. Her salad must not have much substance. I had a quart bowl full. It would probably be four salads in a restaurant. Plus the dressing filled a jar that holds 1 1/3 cups and I ate every bite.

One of the men sitting across from me got the bowl of pate, though I’m sure there wasn’t much left, and finished it off. He is extremely skinny and needs to gain some weight. I think I’ll make him some and take it to work. He comes there often to have copies made.

None of the food that other people were eating was the least bit appealing except for some lasagna and it was probably adulterated with soy-something or other. There was a “chocolate” cake that looked dangerously dark and was no doubt carob. I have eaten carob in some things that were okay but it’s usually nasty.

I went back up to the dessert table to refill the watermelon bowl and one of the women was saying that it was the first she’d had this year because it’s so expensive. I told her that she was to take whatever was left. By that time, the line had pretty much dwindled to nothing so I figured there would be a lot for her. Well, people kept going back to get it (I didn’t have any since I’d eaten it earlier in the day) and there were a few chunks in a lot of juice left in the bottom. I should have held some back for her but I missed my chance.

My toenails need cutting. Seems they, my fingernails, and my hair are growing faster than they were. I thought that they might slow down but they haven’t.

Think I’ll sign off here for now and go enjoy the day.

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