It’s been a long day and I’m about ready to hang it up. I got up more on time than usual and did all of my exercises–and I could even do 20 presses!

Breakfast was a peach, five figs, and a banana/mango/blueberry smoothie.

I had my watermelon outside.

Lunch was a large salad of Boston/romaine with tomato/mango/lime dressing. I have been having quite a bit of mucus so I left off any nuts or seeds to see if that would help.

I took a small container of blueberries to work to share with the ones that like them. The girl who shares my office has been wanting to come out and pick so I used the argument that the berries will be gone soon and her housework would still be there. She hemmed and hawed and finally decided that she would go this afternoon. We picked out a time and place to meet and we both went home.

After I got home, I changed my clothes and checked my e-mail finding that my BIL is to have surgery tomorrow. With his other problems, it seems a little soon to me but I’m not a doctor (and aren’t we all lucky).

I went to meet Karen and we both drove our vehicles to the patch via a back road where the old Home Place is. I pointed it out to her and she figured out that it was where I used to live.

She was amazed when we got to the blueberry patch. We anointed ourselves with OFF! (me more than her), strapped on the containers and headed out. She’d stopped at the first bush she came to and started picking. The owner of the patch came along and told us to go on where the berries are thicker but we stayed for a little longer because that bush had particularly tasty berries. We talked and picked and the time went by quickly. She filled her container and I walked her to the end of the patch so she could see just how many berries are still out there. While we had been picking, she said that she was glad I’d talked her into going, that it was just what she needed. It’s such a peaceful place with the critters muttering and chirping. The mosquitos left us alone for the most part. She decided she needed to get home but I stayed another half hour or so and got a full gallon plus a little more. Since I’d shorted myself the other day, I figured that made up for it.

When I’d talk to Mother in years past, she would ask, “How many gallons did you pick? How many do you have in the freezer?” Well, I have picked about six and a half gallons and five of them are in the freezer. I don’t plan to go tomorrow. I need to go to Wal*Mart and get some FOOD. I have romaine but I’m out of Boston now and my parsley needs replenishing. I’ve been putting it off as long as I can but this is about it.

I had to discard some donuts that were in the freezer to make room. As I was pulling them from the plastic bag and putting them in the garbage, I was thinking about how I used to put them in a skillet with some coconut oil and brown them. The sugar would melt and caramelize and it would taste so good. I grabbed myself by the collar and ordered me to get a grip. The moment passed and I was back to being glad I don’t eat that way any more.

My calories were 1155, fat was 6% (!), protein 7%. Looks like I don’t need the nuts for protein, anyway. They do have a way of increasing the fat.

It’s bedtime and beyond. I finished watching “Supersize Me” while I drank my Irish Smoothie.

Good night!

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