This was another late morning so it was just vision therapy. I did do 60 or so wall pushups at work, waiting for the bathroom, etc.

Breakfast was the rest of the fresh bluberries I had in the fridge with bananas for a smoothie. I also had a peach and a nectarine plus three figs that I’d gone out and picked in the early morning.

My midmorning watermelon snack was upon me before I realized it. I had to eat it in my office so I could be backup for the phones and whatever else might come up.

Lunch was a large romaine/Boston/parsley salad with Matt’s dressing and a couple of small tomatoes.

When I left work, I came home via a fruit stand where I got some yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, and a red sweet pepper. The person that helps run it also works at the hospital where I do. She and I got into a conversation and I told her that I was going to pick blueberries. She was surprised there were any left so she will probably go in the morning.

As soon as I got in the house, I changed clothes and headed out for the blueberry patch. It was a little after 6 when I got there. I thoroughly doused myself with OFF! and proceeded to the Field of Dreams. The first bush I stopped at, I picked over half a gallon. The berries are still hanging thick. Some of them are beginning to shrivel but there are lots of good ones. I went on down the line and stopped at one of my favorite bushes. I finished up the gallon down there and got another almost half before the skeeters started getting to me and the sun was dipping low in the sky. I take gallon ZipLoc bags and empty the container into them. When I get home, I write the date on the bag and put it in the freezer. Today, when I was putting the latest gallon in, I noticed that there was a bright green leaf down toward the bottom. I pride myself on picking “clean” berries–few sticks, no leaves, whatever. Well, I opened up the bag to try to get it out and berries rolled out on the table. I put them back, closed up the bag, and the leaf is frozen with the rest.

I went out to the fig harvest and found 10 that were ripe. I took my neighbor four of them and kept six. Two of the six that I kept had been attacked by something but I trimmed that part off and ate them anyway. The six figs and a banana/blueberry smoothie was my supper.

Better get ready for bed. If I don’t manage to get up on time more often, I might as well forget trying to exercise.

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