No time to BF, squat, pushup, or press but I did my vision therapy. I did do some wall pushups at work but not many.

Breakfast was a banana/mango/blueberry smoothie.


I thought it was a very interesting pumpkin color so, thanks to the ease of digital photography, I snapped its picture so I could at least share the sight of it if not the flavor. It was good! Maybe if I had added a little spice, I could have pretended that it was Thanksgiving. Or Halloween?

I had my midmorning watermelon outside. I shudder to think about the months to come with no watermelon and the cold weather that will keep me indoors for the most part. Wonder how much it would cost to build a greenhouse so I could have my favorites year ’round?

Lunch was tomato soup and spinach soup. One of the girls sampled the spinach variety and pronounced it very good.

There were a couple of errands I had to run after work which made it too late to pick blueberries. I’ll attempt it tomorrow.

Supper was peaches, plums, and a banana smoothie.

My calorie count is 1400, 10% fat and 7% protein. I’m good for the night!

I’ve been watching “Supersize Me!” Makes me glad that I’m on my way to a reasonable weight and good health!

Good night!

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