If I’m as do-less when I retire as when I have a day off, it’s going to be bad. I got up this morning at about 7:30. It’s nice to sleep in, but it doesn’t get a whole lot done.

I did all of my routine exercises and am typing this without benefit (?) of glasses. Since I’m on the road to doing without glasses, I don’t know that they are a benefit, anyway. They are a crutch. I was able to do 60 squats, 25 wall pushups and aimed for 20 presses again but could only manage 15–again. I’m going to have to get to bed earlier when I go back to work so I can BF every morning. It does make me feel better.

Breakfast was a huge bowl of watermelon, eaten outside. Later, I had a mango/banana smoothie, a plum and a nectarine. Lunch was tomato soup and Instant Spinach Soup. The former was my own creation and not bad at all. The spinach soup was out of Instant Raw Sensations and it was good, too.

It’s 9:15 now so a lot of time has gone by since I last put anything down on “paper”. Post 1 p.m., I did three loads of clothes (small ones, to be sure), took a shower, thoroughly cleaned the shower, picked two gallons of blueberries (I clocked it this time–a 15 mile round trip), took another shower, took out the food garbage, and fixed a banana/blueberry smoothie.

I made sure the skeeters weren’t going to get me today. The people who own the berry patch provide OFF! and I helped myself. It did the job for the first gallon and a half but I had to start fighting them OFF! after that and some lost their lives.

My calorie count is 1300, 12% fat, 7% protein.

Tomorrow is a “school” day so I’m going to wind this up.

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