It was later than usual when I got up and I was down another pound. I measured and I’ve lost 2.25″ over all this week.

I did my vision therapy, BFed, did 60 squats, 20 wall pushups, and attempted 20 presses but only did 15.

Breakfast was a large bowl of watermelon. In a couple of hours I had a two banana/two mango smoothie and a peach.

My daughter called for our weekly visit. We talked for almost an hour and a half. I was pretty hungry when we hung up but I needed to wash dishes so I took care of them before I ate. I had a large Boston/romaine/spinach salad with avocado “mayo” and some of Matt’s dip.

I was planning to go pick blueberries but it was getting late when I finished my salad so I put it off for a day.

The figs are ripening and my neighbor came out to help me hunt them. There are so many leaves that it’s hard to see them. He found one and I found four. I gave him the one he’d picked plus another one.

Supper was two bananas and two peaches in a fruit salad. It needed help so I put a drizzle of agave nectar on it. I finished that and had the figs.

I just got an e-mail from my sister that my BIL is still in a lot of pain. It’s possible that he will be discharged tomorrow.

My calorie count was about 150 over the 1200 minimum with 10% fat and 6% protein.

Better get to bed. Just because I have tomorrow off doesn’t mean I don’t need my sleep!

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