I slept until almost 8. Since I didn’t have to be at church any special time, I figured I’d go ahead and exercise but found I still didn’t have time unless I got there after it was over. I ended up doing my vision therapy (I used my glasses for a little while in church to look up texts), 60 squats, 15 wall pushups, and 15 presses (I think–I’m not sure about the last one whether it was 10 or 15).

Breakfast was a plum, a peach, and a banana/blueberry smoothie.

My sister had asked me to request prayer at church (which I did) for my brother-in-law who is in the hospital with extreme pain. I requested it for both of them. She is exhausted. I hadn’t heard anything since then until I got an e-mail from another sister saying that it may be due to his diabetes. That’s something that my grandmother had and my oldest offspring has but I hope it’s a bullet that I have dodged.

My parking the car when I got home kind of went by the wayside. The school principal asked me if I would deliver a sleeping bag to a girl who is attending a boarding school about nine miles from me. Since he lives on the opposite side of the valley and up on the other mountain, I agreed. I probably get the best gas mileage of anyone in the church so I decided I would do my good deed for the day.

First, I came home, changed my clothes, and had some watermelon. It was also time for a bathroom break. I ate my melon in the sun and it was pretty hot. Gotta get that vitamin D! After that, I changed my shirt and shoes and took off for the dreaded spot. I spent several years of my youth over there and I never thought of it as home or anything even close. It kind of made my skin crawl to have to go but the young lady has enough problems just being there, I’m sure. I took my time since gas is expensive. When I got to the dorm, the only person who was visible was one of the students, I guess, talking on a cell phone–how times have changed! There weren’t even phones on the mountain when my mother, my sister, and I first went to live on the campus. I looked at her with a big question mark on my face but she was oblivious. I went to the office window but the office was empty. Peeking around the corner, I saw a sign on a door that said, “Please do not come in without permission.” That looked official to me so I went over and knocked on the door. I thought I heard someone say something but I wasn’t sure so I knocked again. Finally, a young woman came and opened the door. I told her why I was there and she had me put the bag on the floor and said that she would make sure the girl got it. I took my leave and was thankful that I didn’t have to stay. There is no real architecture to any of the buildings. They just kind of “grew” and are a little on the shabby side. It isn’t a beautiful place or even attractive. Rustic would be nice but it’s only ugly.

I was going to stop at the home of my former boss from 30-some years ago on the way back but her car wasn’t in the garage so I didn’t. When I pulled into my driveway, I was struck by the fact that things here aren’t fancy. They are sort of shabby but it’s home!

Lunch was in order then. I set to and whipped up some avocado “mayonnaise” to go over my large salad. I had romaine, Boston, parsley, and green onion. The grand finale was some Sweet Potato Crisps. I think I would have been just as satisfied without them but the deed is done and they are in my stomach.

I’ve battled gnats today. I put some food scraps in the bottom of a bud vase to make a trap for them. I’ve read that if they get into something like that, they can’t get out. Guess they need room for a lateral takeoff.


Just went out and checked the fig tree. The ones that are getting ripe need another day. They are about at the stage of the one I picked yesterday. My neighbor drove up while I was out there and we talked a little while.Fig

Think I’ll go brush my teeth and relax.


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