Some thoughts about grocery shopping.
Oh, and while I’m at it–10 weeks today!

I don’t miss reading labels in the least bit. I’m in and out of the grocery store a lot quicker these days. When I look up nutrition information on fitday, every food I eat has “This food has no ingredients.” I wasted a lot of time inspecting every label and box for unsavory additives. Now, I only look to see what the quality is. Liberating and refreshing!

By the way, just to see how I would do, I took my glasses off and I’ve been typing this up without their help. I was looking at having to go get my eyes checked and, probably, getting new glasses. I may still have my eyes checked just to see how much my eyes have improved. I need to wear my eyepatch while I’m at home so my left eye will have to work more.

With that, I’m going to go take my hormones (I’m down to twice a week now) and get ready for bed. The girls at work are predicting dire consequences when I stop the hormones altogether. Guess I could have tantrums and blame it on that and no one would convict me.

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