I got up early enough this morning to do my vision therapy, BF, do 50 squats, 15 wall pushups, and 10 presses. I did wall pushups off and on throughout the day, too.

My weight was up by a lub so I swore off salt today except for what little I got from a small amount of salsa (raw) that one of the girls had brought.

Breakfast was a kiwi and a banana/peach smoothie. I had my customary watermelon break outside. The weather was really nice–hardly a cloud in the sky and not too hot.

Lunch was a large salad of Boston, romaine, and parsley with my mango/tomato/lime dressing. I also had a few soaked almonds and two tomatoes.

I checked the fig tree when I got home for any ripe ones. There are a few that might make it by tomorrow but none today.

The butternut squash was sitting on the table waiting for me so I looked up the recipe for Butternut Squash Cookies. I got them all mixed up and I think they would have been better without the honey but it’s too late now. They are in the dehydrator. I’ll check them in the morning.

After I got that done, I mixed up a banana/romaine smoothie. I went a little too heavy on the romaine but it wasn’t bad.

My calories for today were 1380 with 9% fat and 8% protein.

Better think about getting ready for bed.

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