I got up too late, again, to BF. I didn’t even have time to squat or pushup or press. I did do my vision therapy and while the results were better than usual, my left eye didn’t do as well as yesterday. It’s a vast improvement, though, and I still have more to do. I did do some squats and wall pushups when I’d go to the bathroom at work.

Breakfast was a peach, a plum, and a banana/mango smoothie (about 20 ozzies worth). It was a beautiful day so I had my watermelon break outside. My friend, Sheila, joined me and we visited while I ate. I offered her some watermelon but she didn’t eat any.

Lunch was a large salad (spinach, romaine, Boston) with the rest of Matt’s dip/dressing. I’d stretched it with some lime juice which made it very tart but it was good. A couple of my lunch-mates tried it and liked it. I also had two tomatoes.

The radiology supervisor gave me some Roma tomatoes the other day and I dehydrated them. I asked Nancy if she had any more (she’d given them to the supervisor) so she brought me quite a few she’d picked and had on her picnic table for a few days.

A lot of the day was spent feeling bad for the people stuck in New Orleans. It must be frustrating. When I got home, I watched the news and cried. The whole hospital system is raising money and getting together supplies to truck down. 100% of my staff that was present today donated which made me very proud.

I went through the tomatoes Nancy had brought me and had to discard several, as in a lot. I washed the good ones and have five trays dehydrating. That should finish filling up the quart freezer bag that I’d put the ones in that I’d gotten out of the dehydrator this afternoon.

I went out and found five ripe figs but the ants had gotten to two of them. I knocked them down on the ground and hope that keeps the ants busy enough that they will leave the others alone. I made my way to the volunteer apple tree and picked the ripest looking apple. I brought my harvest inside and had that, then a bowl of tomatoes. After awhile, I had a large peach and a banana smoothie.

I forgot to report my calories, etc., last night. Calories were 1450, fat was 12%, protein 8%. Today it was 1350/11%/8%. I’m rounding up but since I don’t measure and weigh, it isn’t exact, anyway. I’m maintaining my 30 lub loss.

It’s past time to fly up!

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