I didn’t sleep well a’tall last night. I’d taken a melatonin after I’d been in bed for awhile but that didn’t put me out. I finally got up and soaked in a tub of hot water. When I dried off, I put some Melaleuca Pain-A-Trate on my chest, nose, and upper lip. It burned my lip so I wiped it off.

When I got up this morning, I measured (lost an inch), weighed (down by a total of 30 lubs), and did my vision therapy. I left off the exercising so I could use that energy to try to get better.

I went outside to eat my breakfast watermelon. It burned my throat. I cleaned up the kitchen, took a bath, and went to bed again around noon. I was able to sleep a little.

After I’d been up for some time, my daughter called for our visit. We talked for something like an hour and 20 minutes and my voice held up pretty well. I’ve been coughing some, too. I keep wondering if all the onion and spices I ate caused the mucous. I hadn’t realized that onion is toxic but it stands to reason since it can make a person’s eyes tear up.

When we got off the phone, I had a peach (the best one I’ve had this summer) and a smoothie of two bananas and some blueberries.

I brushed my teeth, got dressed, and went blueberrying. I probably ate another two cups of berries so it was no biggie that I didn’t completely fill the second gallon container. The skeeters were feasting on me so I didn’t pick longer than a couple of hours. I made my check out for two gallons since I’d eaten so many.

Got home, showered (I’m a clean person!) and ate a bowl full of tomatoes. That’s been it, foodwise today. It figures out to a little less than 800 calories, 8% fat and 7% protein. I shouldn’t do that every day but I’ll live.

Am going to go to bed soon. Night!

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