Nine weeks today!

I more or less behaved myself today. Foodwise, that is. I started out the day with a large mango chunked up in a bowl and followed it with a banana/peach smoothie. I had to take it with me and finish it on the way to work.

I’d gotten up early enough to do all of my exercising–eyes, BodyFlex, 40 squats, 10 wall pushups, 10 presses. The floor pushups are too hard for me to do yet so I’m doing the modified ones.

The pastor’s wife and children came in to visit a patient and we had a nice visit, too. She wasn’t aware that Mother had died so recently and she came into my office and admired her picture on my desk and commented on how much my oldest son resembles my father.

A little past 11, I had my watermelon break. Lunch was a couple of hours later and I had Boston lettuce, romaine, cherry tomatoes from my sister’s garden, dressed with lime juice. I also had a little Mock Salmon Pate but I threw the rest away since it was getting past its prime.

After I got back to the office, I had some salsa that I’d made yesterday. The heat had intensified overnight. I’d kept adding cayenne and Aunt Cora’s Hot ‘n Sassy seasoning and I kind of overdid it.

Supper was two peaches with agave nectar, a kiwi, and a banana smoothie. My calorie count for the day is right at 1400 with 10% fat and 6% protein.

Better get my beauty sleep!

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