As the family saying goes, I have done it bad every bad. I started out my day the way I should with a plum and a large banana/mango smoothie. The mango I took to work was tempting so I had a little bowl full of it. I had my watermelon break mid-morning, and had to leave work for an appointment when I was supposed to be eating lunch. I had enough wait time to consume my salad and some pepper strips with a little bit of Mock Salmon Pate.

When I got back to work, one of the girls had brought in some salsa (all raw) and I had a little of that. No biggie. Problem is, it was GOOD and I kept having a little more and a little more. By that time, everyone had left except for the late shift person and the registrar who is still in training. The former went to eat her supper and the trainee was called back to do an ER registration. I volunteered to man the phones. Oh, I forgot that I’d had a couple more bowls of mango in there, too. While I was sitting at the switchboard, the salsa was saying, “Come get me!” and I did. I finished it off like it was so much soup.

I got home and decided that I would make some salsa myself. Now, I’m not an experienced salsa maker. Last year was the one and only time I had made it and that was for a contest–which I won. I used canned stuff in it but this time, I am obligated to use fresh. I got out my Pampered Chef chopper that I’d bought on eBay and started chopping away like someone possessed. I must say, it was tasty and I did taste it a lot to make sure. I was pretty much in the veggie mode so I made a bowl of corn chowder (the recipe is elsewhere in this blog) and had that. I don’t feel as good as if I’d stuck to my usual routine but everything was raw!

When all was said and done, I had right at 1300 calories. I went over on my fat consumption with 16% but my protein was good with 7%. My average for the last two weeks is 1400/11%/6%.

Better get to bed. It’s getting late!

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