Today is my two month anniversary! Happy anniversary to me, Happy anniversary to me! Happy anniversary to me-eeeee! Happy anniversary to me! And Minnie Moore! (She gets in on all the celebrations.)

Breakfast was a plum, a kiwi, and a five banana/half cup blueberries smoothie. I drank part of it before I left for work and finished it on the way.

I had my mid-morning watermelon outside, then lunch a couple of hours later. Lunch was a large green salad with tomato/mango dressing and “Campbell’s” soup. I discovered why I liked it better yesterday. I’d juiced the lime and not put it in the blender! I left it out today. It gives it a tart flavor but the tomato is tart enough without it. Nancy had brought some salsa and was careful to make it all raw so I could have some. She’d diced a cayenne pepper and it burned her hands. I tried not to get any of it but I did manage to get a couple of the seeds. They were really hot! I’d mixed it with my soup. I ate about a half teaspoon of Mock Salmon Pate and it calmed my mouth down immediately.

Wal*Mart was on the agenda this afternoon. After I shopped, I got my hair cut. I was getting pretty hungry so I ate two bananas I’d bought for the purpose. When I got home and got things put away, I had a plum and a mango. I went through the rest of the mangos and had to discard two more. I cut up three to take to work to share tomorrow and put most of the rest of them in the fridge. There were some beautiful ones at Wally World. I bought two so I could be reminded how pretty they can be.

My intake was about 1450 calories with 11% fat and 7% protein.

Better get ready for bed!

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