I’m going to have to stop and eat soon. Breakfast was a large piece of watermelon (I’ll have to go back to having it for my break tomorrow). I had a banana/mango smoothie later. Along about 3:30, I had a large green salad with the tomato/mango dressing made with my last yellow tomato. It was delicious! After that, I blended up some “Campbell’s” soup with cashews this time instead of almonds. I liked it better than yesterday’s. I’d set it on the counter when I noticed some movement outside and discovered that a couple of friends were here to help unload my mother’s furniture. I’d been working on getting the house presentable and I was ready for a break.

Here’s the Before picture:


After I let them in and got them seated, I offered to share but they declined. I went ahead and ate it in front of them and visited.

It wasn’t long before my sister got here, ahead of my brother-in-law. He was driving the U-Haul and had stopped to fuel it up. I do hope that the rental included gas.

Before he got here, my niece, her children, and their father came in. My cat took up with their young son which is unusual. She’s had bad experiences with children and is skittish when short people are around.

Here came my brother-in-law in a huge truck with just a little furniture up in the far end of it. He’d brought my niece Mother’s dryer but that didn’t even begin to fill it up. Everything was well padded and the glass in the china closet came through unscathed.

We rearranged our vehicles so he could pull around and they wouldn’t have to walk around trees. Things were brought in and arranged and then rearranged. The table doesn’t line up exactly with the chandelier but I can live with that. It would probably drive my mother bug-huntin’.

They offered to set the chairs and clock in place but I wanted to vacuum before they were moved. My niece and her crew left us with it.

I’d cleared out some of the food that I had on hand and had it in bags. I got some more bags and my sister and my friend went “shopping”. They conferred about what was there and split it more or less evenly. I’m glad to have it out of my way. My friends took their leave. I also gave what soft drinks I had to my sister and brother-in-law. They were gone not long after.

I got out the vacuum and got up what little stuff had been tracked in and put the chairs and clock in place. Here’s the After picture:


I’m as close to being tired as I have been in a couple of months. I got up a little before 7 and didn’t take a break until 3:30. I think I’ll sleep tonight! First, I need to eat. Better go do that before it gets any later!

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