I’m back home and it’s a good feeling! The weekend was nice and I had a good time but this is where I belong.

I peeled one of the peaches yesterday afternoon and took a bite. It was sour! I put it aside and had a plum, then a mango. I decided that I would blend the peach up with a ripe banana and make a smoothie and it was really tart. I had failed to take the agave nectar so I was stuck with a sour wake-up-the-tastebuds smoothie. When everything had been logged, I was right at 1400 calories with 15% of that being fat.

My evening consisted of lounging on the couch and watching TV. I’d gone out on the deck for awhile, too, but it wasn’t a whole lot of fun so I didn’t stay long.

I went to bed fairly late and slept well. I was up before the sun this morning. I got my camera and lurked to see the sunrise and it was beautiful! I took a whole series of pictures and it was hard to pick out just one but here it is:


After I did my vision therapy and had my quiet time, I had a large slice of watermelon. That was my food for the morning. I thought about blending up a smoothie to take in the car but I decided not to.

When I was outside in the yard of the villa, there were ducks chasing each other and they got pretty close to me. None of the animals seem to be afraid.

It took me a little while to get everything together and even longer to load it. I’d parked the car right beside the steps so I wouldn’t have so far to go when I got to the parking lot. It was a pretty good trek up and down the steps and it took me a full half hour to get all my stuff loaded. I got to the Inn at a little before 10 and checked out. I ended up with the shirt like the one I’d looked at yesterday. I didn’t realize that they were in little jars.

I was on my way to leaving when it struck me that I hadn’t been to the Nature Center. That would be a crime to miss it so I stopped. My parking place was a little distance from the building which added to the walking. I went in and looked around and picked out a book about shadow puppets to buy–but my purse was in the car.

Upon leaving the Center, I decided to walk down to the overlook for yet another falls. When I got back from there, I went the other direction to the Cascades and climbed all the way down to the water’s edge. I was soaked with sweat again when I got back. I went to the car and got my purse so I could get the book. One more stop at the restroom and I was on my way.

I was headed to the main gate and there was Bambi! I stopped and rolled down the window. He stood there within eight feet or so of the car and munched on leaves. He was a young buck with velvet still on his one prong antlers. I talked to him and he just looked at me and kept on eating. My camera was in the trunk so there was no way I was going to get a picture. It was a fitting end to my weekend vacation.

My banana supply was very ripe and getting low. I stopped and bought a couple of bunches. When I got to the mountain, I stopped twice for tomatoes and tried to find corn but struck out.

It was nice to see my humble little home and greet Twinkle. It took me all of 10 minutes to unload the car. I still don’t have it all unpacked, though.

My watermelon was getting a little on the gone side so I flipped through Instant Raw Sensations and decided on “Campbell’s” soup.


I cut the recipe in half and still had plenty. It took a large tomato, a red sweet pepper, the juice of one lime, eight or nine almonds, and sea salt. All that went into the blender and I let it sit while I had a large green salad of romaine and Boston lettuce dressed with a little sea salt and lime juice. I had a Sweet Potato Crisp, too. I’ve only had 400 calories today but my fat percentage is at 25. That will go down with my next meal but it’s interesting that I’ve had 12 grams each of fat and protein but my protein percentage is only 11. It’s amazing that a fat gram has that many more calories. The slice of watermelon that I ate this morning had three grams of fat and four of protein.

My calves are still sore but I think it’s from all the climbing, both stairs and trails, rather than the full squats. I haven’t exercised for several days now because of all the other activity. I need to get back into it since that’s not something I’ll be keeping up.

Better get busy!

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