I am in the villa at the state park

I am in the villa at the state park where I will be staying until Monday morning. My son, his wife, and my three year old (almost four) granddaughter are here, too.

I got up late this morning. It was almost 8 o’clock. My computer wasn’t cooperating so I had to do the uninstall the modem thing and let it detect it–twice. Right now, it’s doing what it’s supposed to and I hope it stays that way.

Breakfast was a banana smoothie and some chunked up mango. My midmorning snack was another mango. I was in the throes of getting ready to leave at lunchtime so I put a mango and some bananas in the blender and sipped that as I was hurrying around and loading the car. It lasted me through that and until I got to the park, checked in, and started unloading.

I got here first so I got the pick of the bedrooms. There are three bedrooms. Two have two double beds and the third has twin beds. The rooms that I “let” the family have are on one side of the villa and mine is on the other. I have a large full bath and they have a smaller one between the bedrooms. The livingroom, dining area, and kitchen are in the middle. It’s quite spacious and has all the conveniences of home.

There’s a deck off my room and the livingroom so my son and granddaughter have been “fishing” off of it this afternoon. We have a beautiful view of the lake and there were bats swooping around at dusk, catching mosquitoes.

This afternoon, we went riding around to see what there was to see. In our travels, we saw lots of deer. My granddaughter was shouting, “Bambi! We saw your mother!” We went to look at the swimmin’ hole and went across the swinging bridge. We also saw the pool, the golf course, the Nature Center, and scenery in general. They hadn’t brought much in the way of food so we stopped at the General Store and got some of the things they thought they might need. We also browsed the gift shop and didn’t buy anything.

They were going to go to the buffet and eat supper but it was so late by the time we got back that they opted for sandwiches and cereal. I made a huge salad and had my DIL get whatever she wanted of it and I ate the rest. She kept wanting ranch dressing but I didn’t have any. I mixed up some tomato/mango/lime juice dressing with the Smart Stick (I go prepared) and she liked it but she still missed the ranch. After I finished my salad (and that took awhile) I had one Sweet Potato Crisp with maybe a scant teaspoon of Mock Salmon Pate.

I woke in the night last night after I’d had about four times as much MSP as I did tonight and I had a lot of gunk that I had to blow out of my nose. I know that’s what did it because I don’t have that if I don’t eat nuts. The fat doesn’t go well with the sugar in the tomato and mango so I’ll probably be in for it tonight, though not as badly, I hope.

My calorie count for today was not quite 1200 with 6% fat and 6% protein.


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  1. merm August 20, 2005 at 12:45 pm #

    Mmmmmm – ranch.

    Too bad you don’t know any good RAW Ranch Recipes 🙂

  2. Tommie August 20, 2005 at 4:03 pm #

    I do but I don’t have the ingredients with me. Just the cashews and lemon but I don’t think she’d go for that. She’s picky. So you’re still looking in on me???

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