It’s late so I’ll make this short.

It’s late so I’ll make this short. Breakfast was a banana/mango/blueberry smoothie, a kiwi, and a plum. I didn’t have any watermelon (the one I’d bought yesterday was so green it was light pink inside) so I took more bananas for my midmorning break. I blended them up with a little water and drank it at my desk.

One of the nurses had brought a yellow watermelon so I had some of that at lunchtime. It was really good, juicy, and sweet. After that, I had some mango.

I was quite well-satisfied but I was planning to go to Wal*Mart to stock up on food for the weekend so I fixed a banana/strawberry smoothie and drank part of it at my desk and finished it up on the way.

I stopped at Mother’s grave and pulled a few weeds, then took some pictures with my little camera on my PDA. They aren’t high resolution but I’ll post them if they turn out okay. The caladiums are getting prettier and prettier.

Hopefully, the watermelons I got will be good. One of the registrars went to the bank for me today and took the watermelon back that I’d gotten yesterday and asked for a refund. It was handed over, no questions asked. I got Twinkle a “cat hair magnet” and she has disdained it so far.

Supper was a green smoothie of an apple, mango, and kale. It was a little much on the kale but pretty decent, really. I think I’ll go lighter on the green next time. I had some Mock Salmon Pate on a leaf of Boston lettuce. BiLo had nice heads for 99 cents each. I bought four.

I logged all my food on fitday. I got over 1900 calories today but still just had 9% fat. Not bad for a newbie.

Better get to bed. I’ll have to get up and get going in the morning. I haven’t packed anything yet but that shouldn’t take long. I’ll put the food in last so it won’t have to stay out of the fridge too long. I need to put the ripe mangos that I don’t take in the fridge, too.

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