I’m stuffed. It has taken me an hour to eat

I’m stuffed. It has taken me an hour to eat my salad. All of my calories today came from fruit and veggies–no nuts or seeds. I got so sleepy last night after I ate the Mock Salmon Pate that I decided to leave it off today. I went to bed before 9:30 and woke about midnight, wide awake and ready to go. I took a melatonin and went back to sleep but I felt groggy this morning. Heavy food and I don’t mix well. I have found out that I have lots more energy if I don’t eat so many nuts and seeds. I’ll still have to eat some to get certain nutrients but I don’t think one day without them will do me any harm.

Breakfast was a few bites of mango, a peach with agave nectar, and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I was almost late for work because I carved up a couple of mangos to take for the girls. I took the rest of my smoothie in a cup with a lid that I couldn’t get to stay on. I thought that I propped it up well enough in the car but when I got parked, I looked around and it had turned over in the seat. I was glad to see that the lid had stayed on and it had only leaked a little. I got wet paper towels and cleaned it up. You can’t tell anything had spilled.

It’s raining–again. We may have to build an ark.

Several of the girls ate some of the mango and raved about it. I don’t think they know what good, ripe mango tastes like. These are going to ripen up soon so they’ll learn.

I took my watermelon break with the rest of the last melon. It was about half what I usually eat so I was ready for lunch. It was mango and another banana/blueberry smoothie.

When I went to the bank, I’d stopped at the store and got some strawberries since I didn’t have much for lunch and then I didn’t think about them. I fixed some when I got home and had them with agave nectar. Karen brought me some more tomatoes. I had the largest one chunked up in a bowl. After that, I shredded some Boston lettuce and romaine and blended up some cherry tomatoes, mango, and lime juice for dressing. I chewed and chewed and finally dumped all of it in the Cuisinart and chopped it up into chunky soup. It took me a long time to eat it, as I said before. Even though I didn’t have any nuts or seeds, I still made it over 1200 calories.

I have officially lost 28.5 lubs since the middle of May. I’m trying to build muscle but it’s slow going. I did 50 squats this morning without stopping so I’m doing better there. I also did 10 pushups and 10 presses. I didn’t have time to BF but I did do the face and neck exercises with the deep breathing. I’ve been doing my vision therapy faithfully and was supposed to change my routine this morning but was well into the first week’s before I noticed. So I’ll start week two tomorrow. If I get to bed now, maybe I can get up early enough in the morning to get everything in.

Thunder is booming so I’d better post this and shut down for the night.

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