I got up too late to BF but I still squatted

I got up too late to BF but I still squatted, pushupped, pressed, and did my vision therapy.

Breakfast was a nectarine, a plum, and a three bananas smoothie plus some cantaloupe from Nancy’s garden. I took my watermelon break outside and had cantaloupe and another smoothie (three bananas and a pear) for lunch.

My B12 lozenges and mangos came in today. The mangos are a disappointment but maybe they will taste better than they look. I think I will save my money next time and buy whatever I can find locally. It’s frustrating because I used to get such nice ones shipped up years ago and I expected these to live up to that.

Roger tells me that I’m not eating enough so I had a mango (one I already had), two tomatoes, and a large salad of Boston lettuce, spinach, and celery. Then I had a cucumber with some of the cashew spread I’d made for the eggplant pizza. I went over 1600 calories today and I’m stuffed.

Better get ready for bed.

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