How do you log what you’ve eaten

How do you log what you’ve eaten when you’ve spent the last few hours throwing most of it up?

The day started out normal enough with my BFing, squats, pushups, and I threw in some presses with my hands behind me on a chair. I won’t try to describe them. Yesterday, I started eye exercises so I did those, too. I’m supposed to do them for 30 days to strengthen my eyes and then a few times a week, then as needed. I’m going to have muscles where people don’t usually have muscles!

Breakfast was a nectarine (so-so) and a plum, and I mixed up an Irish Smoothie to take to work with me. A couple hours after I finished it, I went outside for my watermelon break. When I’d cut it this morning, I wasn’t impressed, and I ended up throwing out a large piece that was ‘way too green to eat. I took a good-sized bag of it with me that I thought was okay. BIG mistake. I sat at the picnic table and heard the blow by blow over and over of an injury in the ER. The fellow who had brought the patient in was sitting at the table with a cell phone. After he got off the phone for the several-th time, he commented that the watermelon smelled good. I offered him some but he declined. I didn’t finish it but did eat most of it.

I went over two evaluations with staff while I was feeling worse and worse. One of the girls had a dead battery and couldn’t go to lunch. I offered her mine since I knew there was no way I could eat it. She declined. I was drinking very warm water, as much as I could hold. Finally, about 2:30 (3:30 at home) I e-mailed the administrator and told her that I was sick and asked if I could go home. She said sure so I did.

On the way up the mountain, I got behind a Law-Abiding Citizen who didn’t go much, if any, over the speed limit. I kept praying that I would make it home okay and in time. I knew it wouldn’t be long…

When I got here, I managed to get the distiller going. Fortunately, it is very easy to use. After that, I went to bed. I was cold–in August–so I got up and ran a tub full of water. I crawled in and immediately had to get out and head for the commode. I threw up a little bit and it wasn’t bad at all. I felt enough better that I went back to the tub and shaved my armpits and legs.

I was warm enough so I got out, dried off, and came in and read my e-mail. I wasn’t up to answering it and felt another wave. I barely made it to the bathroom in time and that time, it was a little more and more urgent (I know this isn’t pleasant to talk about but this isn’t a blog about pleasantries–it’s a blog about how my way of eating is affecting me). I brushed my teeth and went back to bed. Then it got to be a way of life to sense the salivating and get up and run. I THINK it’s over but I’m not going to chance eating. I don’t feel like eating anything, anyway. My stomach is tender. It may involve my gallbladder, too, but it isn’t like an attack. It’s just sore.

So…I may be in the negative as far as calories are concerned. I’ll log what I’ve eaten but it hasn’t been much in the grand scheme of things.

Hoping you all aren’t the same…

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