I ate a huge piece of watermelon

I ate a huge piece of watermelon this afternoon and had to keep running to the bathroom. My daughter called and I finally gave up and stayed in there until we got off the phone.

I’ve worked on the kitchen some more and took all the stuff off the counter next to the microwave and washed it. I threw out unbleached, whole wheat, and sugar, and am going to take teas of several kinds to work. I found most of a bag of dark chocolate Kisses that I’ll take, too, plus a bag of raw peanuts.

It’s going to take forever to get the cabinets cleaned out. They are stuffed with all sorts of things that I don’t use any more. People keep telling me that I shouldn’t give it away, but I sure can’t sell it. I don’t want to toss it all, either. My friends say, “You might want to cook again.” I tell them that if I do, it will be so old as to need replacing, anyway.

I’m going to send my pasta maker and tacapasta to my daughter and her husband. It’s heavy but maybe it won’t cost too much to mail it.

My lunch was a peach and banana smoothie. I drank it with a straw and I think I got it down too quickly. I didn’t feel as good afterward as I usually do.

Supper was a bowl of tomatoes, the last two cobs of corn, and then some spinach pate (spinach, celery, flax seeds, and a spoonful of Matt’s dip) with some Sweet Potato Crisps. I went over by something like 200 calories but my fat stayed at 10%.

It’s getting on toward my bedtime so nighty-night!

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