For supper, I had a peach and blended three small bananas

For supper, I had a peach and blended three small bananas with two cups of shredded romaine. It sounds weird but it’s good. I’ve been getting feedback that I need to increase my greens and I surely did it today. Blended up, it just did fill a 12 ozzie glass.

Roger has been encouraging me to try five to six small meals a day instead of three larger ones. He said that it should keep my energy level up. I had five meals yesterday and the day before (each day, not all together) and I think I do better with fewer. I didn’t have any more energy and maybe not as much. As long as the days are warm, and that should be quite awhile yet, I’m going to keep my melon break outside mid-morning. Melon digests quickly so it doesn’t conflict with lunch. The mid-afternoon meal was the hard one. I ended up munching at my desk and that’s difficult to do and work at the same time. I’m due two breaks a day but I usually only take one.

My younger son just called and said that pictures of the old Robinson’s Drug Store was on the news. I thought he meant today but it was a week or two ago. I promised him I’d see if I could find them online and send him the link. This is the one to the pictures that were found at the Smithsonian recently. One site said that the drug store was beside the Aqua Hotel and another said it was located a block away from the courthouse. If anyone out there can tell me which is right, I’d appreciate it. When I was born, it was in the location closer to the courthouse.

It’s time for my last date with Tom so I’ll get off here and go watch. Where’s Floyd Cramer when I need him?

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