I got up at 4:15 so I could get to work

I got up at 4:15 so I could get to work an hour early as planned. I BodyFlexed and did 45 squats with only one brief stop and seven pushups. I didn’t have time to eat all of my breakfast so I just had two plums (one red and one black) and a few sips of an Irish Smoothie (bananas, celery, and cucumber). I put the rest of it in a cup with a lid and took it to work with me along with a bag of food. I drank it while I was in the hour and a half video conference that didn’t apply to my department a whole lot. It did make it bearable, though. The smoothie is delicious. I woulda never thought!

Paradise Melon

Mid-morning, I went outside and ate some Paradise Melon and cantaloupe. I sat in sun ‘n shade for fifteen minutes to get my vitamin D. The Paradise Melon is an interesting little thing. It isn’t very big at all and has very white flesh. The aroma is light but nice. It’s sweet and very good. As you can see from the picture, it’s also quite juicy.

Cut Melon

Lunch was two plums, black and red, a peach that the pastor’s wife had brought me, and three bananas of varying sizes. The people in the break room are getting used to my eating so there wasn’t much comment except one of the nurses said that the black plum looked so perfect that it didn’t seem real. After I went back to my office, I had some almonds.

I’d taken carrot sticks, cauliflower, and a tomato for my mid-afternoon meal but I didn’t have time to eat them. One of my “girls” brought me some tomatoes from her garden so I brought all of that home.

As I’d planned, I got another annual competency done but I didn’t have time to review it with the next victim. At least it’s partway completed. It won’t be fully completed until it’s signed by both of us.

When I got home, I chunked up half a yellow tomato I already had and one of the home-grown ones with some pieces of sweet green pepper. I didn’t put any salt on it and it was amazing how salty it tasted naturally. The red tomato, especially, tasted salty.

After that, I had a close approximation of tabouli like “Uncle Tommy” used to make. I could have eaten a whole bowl of his concoction and I’ve never found a recipe that uses the same ingredients. He didn’t put tomato in his but I figured out that he used lettuce, parsley, lemon, and probably olive oil, along with bulghur wheat. Since I’m off wheat, I used lettuce, romaine, parsley, lemon, and a little bit of onion and avocado and chopped it all up in the Cuisinart. I need to refine the recipe but it wasn’t a bad imitation. I logged all my food on fitday and found that I was still some 350 calories short of 1200. I ate a couple of small bananas which got me over 1000. I figured that was enough.

I’m going to bed soon. I’m yawning already but no wonder!

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