I’d been reading last night

I’d been reading last night about how the raw diet improves one’s skin and I woke myself up, rubbing my arms and thinking how smooth they feel. They don’t, but it’s nice to dream.

Breakfast was eaten while I was getting my lunch ready. I had watermelon, a red plum, a nectarine, and a smoothie of two bananas, cantaloupe, and papaya. My lunch was more watermelon, almonds, and a smoothie of two bananas, cantaloupe, papaya, and pineapple. That was the last of the pineapple. I need to get another one soon.

My manager called this afternoon and said that she wants us to go to Kanpai of Tokyo to have lunch with one of the other supervisors who is transferring out of our department. She wanted to know if I would be able to get something to eat there. Sure, if I ate cooked food. I prefer to avoid it, anyway, because I had a bad experience there one time but I told her not to base her choice on me. She insisted so I told her that anywhere would be fine with me as long as I could get a big salad. I haven’t told her that I’m 100%. She knows that I’m vegetarian, but the last time we ate together, I was eating eggs and dairy. I called Kanpai and they don’t serve salad except for a small side salad. I asked if I could pay more and get a larger salad. No, that was all they offered. I finally asked if I could bring my own and the girl hesitantly said yes. I’ll just have to go and have faith that the Lord will work it out. They have vegetable sushi but the nori probably isn’t fish free and rice is part and parcel of it.

I’d had my watermelon before the quarterly staff meeting and my smoothie and almonds after. I wasn’t terribly hungry when I got home so I had a plum, a nectarine, and three small romaine leaves with the rest of the Mock Salmon Pate. After that, I had a small glass of lemonade.

I went ‘way over on my calorie count today plus my percentage of fat shot up to 14 after I put in the Mock Salmon Pate. My protein is still at 7%.

I got some replies from inquiries about fish free nori. Maine Coast Sea Vegetables told me that they try to get all the snails out but, inevitably, some get through. Snails aren’t on the menu so I guess their nori isn’t, either.

Time to hit the hay!

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