I’ve been having computer problems

I’ve been having computer problems so I called my favorite tech, my SIL. So far, so good. He looked up some resources on the WWW that, hopefully, have helped. At least, I haven’t gotten the Blue Screen of Death in a few minutes.

The only nuts I’ve had today are almonds, and that not very many. I’ve managed to go over my 1200 calories by 260. I’m burning more than that so it’s okay. One thing that I’m proud of, the percentage of fat was 10%. I’m still a little low on protein at 7%. Still looking for that magic food!

I had watermelon, a smoothie and fruit for breakfast, watermelon, a yellow tomato that one of the girls in my office gave me, a smoothie, and the aforementioned almonds for lunch. Supper was more watermelon (that might have been what pushed me over on the calorie count), a nectarine, some mango, corn on the cob, and a blended salad of kale, spinach, cucumber, cauliflower, onion, lime juice, sea salt, and a little distilled water. It was pretty good and chock full of vitamins. I probably put more salt in it than I should have. I’m getting as bad as my mother. She’d wrinkle her nose and say, “Needs salt.”

An interesting aside about salt. The data entry clerk had blood work done and was informed that her sodium is low. She was asked if she had been cutting back on salt and she hasn’t. She’s been using sea salt, though, with no additives. Makes me wonder if the additives are what’s usually at fault rather than the salt itself.

I talked to the lab supervisor today and it just so happens that she keeps the lab results from the employee health day every year. She let me go through last year’s and find mine. I had been feeling bad about my levels this year but I’ve improved. My glucose was 111 this time and 137 last. Cholesterol was 151 this year vs. 179, triglycerides were 69/77, VLDL 13.8/15.4, coronary risk went from 32 last year to 34.6 this year which means it’s gone down (confusing, huh?), LDL is 85 this year, 102 last, and HDL dropped a little from 55.3 last year to 52.2, which, according to Them, isn’t good. I think everything else balances that out.

It’s already past the time I wanted to get to bed so I’d better get off here and get ready.

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