I got up and measured

I got up and measured and I’ve lost another inch and a half. I’m losing more in my lower body than I am my upper. It’s slow going but at least I’m making progress.

After I BodyFlexed, I spent some time on the Nordic Track and Healthrider. I was wondering how many batteries the latter would take and when I opened the compartment, there was one little AAA battery in there, and it’s the one that came with it. If I’d realized that, I could have replaced it the day the original one died.

My breakfast was a smoothie of two smallish bananas, a nectarine, blueberries, and pineapple. I also had a Clementine and another banana. I’m going to do without sunflower seeds today since they don’t appreciably increase my protein but they do increase my fat intake.

I was reading the Frequently Asked Questions on Dr. Douglas Graham’s site and it clarified a lot for me, especially after I have been 100% for over 30 days. It would be nice if there were hard and fast rules but there aren’t. There ARE principles, though, and if they aren’t followed, the result can be disaster. If you decide to read through them, you can click on “Next” and not have to keep going back to select another topic.

Better go! Time’s a’wastin’!

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