I was feeling pretty good until

I was feeling pretty good until I put on the top and pants that I had on in the picture on May 22. I’d set up my camera on the tripod and took some “eight second looks”. I may never be seen in public again. I can put on a kaftan and skulk into Wal*Mart at midnight to buy my fruit and veggies. Which reminds me–I was talking to the produce man there the other day and asked if they would be getting in any more organic produce. He indicated the tiny section they have and said they already have some. He asked what else I would want and I told him, “Everything!” As if I would think that pesticides on some things are okay.

Well, as a reminder, here are the NYC pictures.


Now, here is today, jowls and all.


Here I am, showing off my beautiful smile (yeah, right)
and my buggered up arm.


My! What a large chest I have. I think the pants are fitting looser but that might be my imagination. I’m not going to give up now, though. Even if I stay the size I am, I feel so much better and I don’t want that to go away.

Believe it or not, my arm is looking better today than it did yesterday. It was royal blue then and now it’s turned purple. I was going to show it to the lab tech that did it but she was off and won’t be back until next Friday. It should be gone by then. I could show her my picture, couldn’t I?

Breakfast was eaten faster than I like to eat this morning but I’d forgotten that I’d promised to play the organ and I had to be there on time. I had sunflower seeds, a smoothie of bananas, pineapple, and blueberries, and a nectarine.

After church, I talked to my friend who had been so energized last week. She wasn’t sparkling today. She’d had a hard week feeding three men (her husband, his father, and a cousin). She was back to eating a lot of cooked food but had maintained her salads. I’d gotten an e-mail from her that she had written late last night so she hasn’t been getting much rest, either, which is crucial. (I’m guilty of the same thing–did Thomas Edison really do us a big favor?) She was dozing in church and I felt so sorry for her.

Lunch was a large amount of watermelon, a huge green salad (spinach, kale, romaine, and parsley) dressed with Best Non-fat Mango Dressing from Instant Raw Sensations. I had to have a lot of trust in Frederic Patenaude to throw tomato in with mango and blend it up with lime juice and a little distilled water. The recipe called for balsamic vinegar but I prefer not to use something that is derived from rotten food so I substituted, as the recipe suggested, the lime juice. It said it wouldn’t be the same, but since I’d never tried it, period, I didn’t know the difference. Have you ever mixed up almost a cup of dressing and put the whole thing on your salad with a perfectly clear conscience? And it was amazingly good! I saturated every leaf and then drank what was left. To tell you the truth, I could just mix it up and drink it, it was so delicious! After that, I had some romaine leaves with a couple of tablespoonfuls of Mock Salmon Pate, and ended the meal with raw corn on the cob.

After I’d entered all my food on fitday, I found that I have a little over 100 calories to meet or exceed my goal of 1200 calories a day. I may go over again but that’s still less than what I was eating before. Just for fun, I put in a typical Sabbath’s breakfast and lunch from six weeks ago. Here is the calorie count and breakdown for just those two meals. That doesn’t count what I might munch on in the evening or the dark chocolate I’d have while I was answering my e-mails. It’s scary! No wonder I’m such a blob!

Typical SAD

Well, that’s it so far for today. Looking back is very sobering. It’s getting better now and that’s good.

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