I didn’t have time to Body Flex

I didn’t have time to Body Flex this morning. I figure that this old bod needs some time to recover, anyway. Most recommendations are for three times a week, and this is the first day I’ve missed in more than that.

I’ve recorded everything I can think of on fitday and I went over my goal of 1200 calories by 200 today. Not that I’m worried. Most days, it’s hard to get there. My fat consumption was down so most of the 200 calories consisted of complex carbohydrates. Fat was 22%, protein was down to 8%, and carbs was 71%. Or should I say carbs were?

Breakfast was a smoothie of two small bananas, half a pear, pineapple, and blueberries. I also had some cantaloupe and sunflower seeds.

I’d decided that I wasn’t going to try to eat a big salad today for lunch so I started out with watermelon and almonds and then I had a smoothie I’d fixed here and taken in a Tupperware container. It was two small bananas, a nectarine, the other half pear, and pineapple. I took it back to my desk and drank it while I worked.

When I got home, I had a Romans Gone Mad smoothie from the Instant Raw Sensations recipe book. It’s basically banana, romaine, and distilled water. It was tasty! I would have never thought it would be, but it was. After that, I had some Mock Salmon Pate on romaine leaves (rollups), then some cantaloupe, and I topped everything off with raw corn on the cob.

The other day, I saw one of my former employees for the first time in years. She, at one time, was 400+ pounds. She has had a gastric bypass and has lost over 180 pounds. She wants to lose 50 more pounds, but she says that she is only losing a pound to a pound and a half a month now. She’s wheelchair bound, has lost the use of her left leg, and wears a catheter. It’s so sad that the Standard American Diet (SAD) has done that to her. There would be no way for her to eat the kind of food I do because her stomach couldn’t hold enough. A gastric bypass creates chronic malnutrition. I had done some research into the lap band but I’m glad I found the avenue I have to be able to lose weight and be healthier than before and those two things at the same time.

I have the neatest little kitchen appliance (I’m changing the subject here). I had used it a lot before but I’m using it several times a day now. It’s the Cuisinart Smart Stick. Mine is white and not quite so fancy but it has the same capabilities and I’ve really enjoyed it. I got it when I was visiting my sister in the Seattle area back in 2001. We’d gone to Port Townsend and were browsing in the neat little shops there. I’d forgotten the name of the kitchen gadget shop but she reminded me that it was the Green Eyeshade. The Smart Stick had been marked down to a really good price so I was going to put it on my credit card. As luck would have it, I’d left it at the house so my sister paid for it, I asked for it to be shipped back to my place, and I reimbursed her later. Aren’t sisters nice?

It’s getting late and I’m not a nightowl enny more.

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